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Early Review and Testimonials for The Serenity Mindset

" This book is a good reminder of the importance, value and sustenance of being connected to those who sustain me and who, hopefully, I sustain as well. More and more we hear that it is not only okay but important to let go of those relationships that do not serve us well. It is not easy, but often needed and ultimately freeing. You have a timely message in an age when social media friendships sometimes replace the time and effort it takes to sustain friendships in person. " - Dawn Sully Pile

"I found the opportunity for reflection and the outcome affirming and revealing. Now that I have completed the assessment of the relationships in my life, I feel like I've learned something about what I value in relationships and was surprised by where some of my friends ended up in the rings of friendship." - Catherine M. Solow

"Excellent book. Very well-written and a wonderful book! The author went through a hellish period in her life. The book describes the detailed process and techniques that she used to get through the pain and come out on the other side as a healthy, grateful, and happy person. " - - SteveP., Amazon Reviews.

"This is a book with a very powerful message. The writer takes you through her own personal and professional struggles and shares her way out of the darkness. It can help anyone change their life in almost any circumstance. The approach and practices followed are outlined in very direct, simple and pragmatic way. This is a different than an average 'self-help' book. What makes it stand out and stand above is that it is not just the author's own story, it is backed up with research studies. And, the actual tools are included; to make the changes necessary to create richer relationships and a more fulfilling life. It's a great vehicle to help others too; troubled teens & the poor choices they are vulnerable to, persons working their recovery, persons needing to 'start over'...really almost anyone. So glad I read it and encourage others to take time to read it too!" - TBM, Critics Choice 2017 /Awarded Commentary